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  • Fifty feet of soft white rope. Perfect for any rope routine! Note: No instructions are included.

  • Fifty feet of soft red rope. Perfect for any rope routine! Note: No instructions are included.

  • "Its a great effect and method and Ive never seen anything like it before!" - Daryl "I cant believe you fooled me so hard that Im putting down my cards to learn a rope trick!" - Jon Armstrong "Wow! Amazing! Ive been working on the multiple cut rope plot for several years and that first performance with the rope tied around the wrists both completel

  • 10mm or 3/8" thick. Cotton braided with core, pure white, soft and loose. The best choice for parlour or stage magic. They will come as a coil of 100 meters (approx. 328 feet). Please keep in mind that ropes are made by machine and may have some markings on them, there may be some slight imperfections.

  • Be ready to get shocked and amazed! This magic trick will get you a standing ovation! Juan Pablos Roped Evolution combines his creator talent with your own magic! An explosive combination! Only a rope, just that makes magic explode. Juan Pablo gives an extra, unbelievable, magic, unforeseeable twist to his own ropes trick.. and it evolves and is tr

  • A fresh new twist on the classic Linking Ropes. This version is Daniel Kas adaptation of the Linking Ropes created by E.J. Moore and updated later by Peter Gloviczki and Ka includes this routine in his current performance repertoire. As for the quality, the ropes are manufactured and handmade by the Spanish magician Paco Herrero. The highest grade

  • Oh sure, anybody can kill time on stage. The question is, "Can you absolutely deliver solid Magic and Comedy Entertainment to your paying audience?" Can you provide an act that is Engaging, Polished, Hilarious and filled with Feats of the Impossible? Does your act leave the audience laughing and does it always get you that wonderful round of applau

  • "The thick, nylon ropes handle so smoothly and have a gorgeous weight to them."-Jay Sankey Learn the secrets to Jays especially entertaining version of the original Professors Nightmare (credited to Bob Carver, who based his trick on the ideas of Hen Fetsch.) Three magicians each have a magic wand. And of course, each magician is convinced that the

  • The performer shows a rope to the spectators. He coils it up around his hand, sprinkles a little "magical salt" on it, which makes four knots appear on the rope. He unties the first knot, but to speed things up he coils the rope once more around his hand, then comes the magic knot again. All the knots vanished! After this more tricks can be perform

  • A new, sensational rope routine! Learn "Professors Nightmare", then continue with 4 additional effects. Easy to handle with original, quality gimmicks!

  • Straight out of Cody fishers corporate comedy act! 3 ROPES AND A 1000 LAUGHS is Cody Fishers professional comedy rope routine. Its a 5-10 minute rope routine that is full of comedy, high on audience participation, fits in your pockets and can play to thousands! Not only will Cody share every detail of his routine with you he will also share his val

  • A compilation of rope routines, what you have in front of you is a serious look into rope magic. Pages 18 - 8.5"x11"

  • Rose Fantasy is a magic tool that changes from a rose to a rope and silk. Product presentation: The magician appears holding a rose in hand. The magician embellishes a change from rose to silk. Afterwards, the stem changes to a stretched rope in an instant. The magician can then proceed with a rope and silk penetration routine. Package Contents: 24

  • Optical Ropes by Mark Mason and JB Magic A 7 phase rope routine with just 3 lengths of white rope. Taught to you in every detail, now comes with an instructional dvd. 3 equal lengths of rope magically turn into two equal lengths. Then amazingly the 2 lengths turn into one long length. Next the one length of rope sprouts 4 ends, in the blink of an e

  • Aldo Colombinis On The Ropes A compilation of wonderful and easy to do rope routines. Included, A funny cut and restored rope routine in which six loops are counted. Three loops link together and the other three change into a giant loop with three knots (no gimmick); Rope and silks combination; Two rope routines by Ronald Dayton (a comedy effect an

  • The performer shows a small medium and long rope, then instantly has three equal lengths. He converts that back to small medium and long. Then slowly stretches the ropes again. Restores it. Then makes all ropes equal lengths and shows them SEPARATELY Then he makes three rope loops and links and un-links them. Gets rid of one rope, and then converts

  • Explain you forgot to bring any rope with you, so a little magic may help! Freely display a large blackboard showing it blank front and back. Write the word R O P E on the empty blackboard with white chalk. Youll need more than the word ROPE to perform magic!! Grab hold of the word ROPE written in chalk and pull it right off the blackboard! It has

  • Note:DVD is PAL format and can be viewed on computers with a DVD drive. Their Jaws Will Drop in Utter Amazement.. "Astonishing Rope Miracles, You Can Perform in Minutes!" "Plug-in" And Super Charge Your Performance Repertoire Routine #1- Hyper Knot You cause a knot to magically jump to another colored rope instantly in front of their eyes. Watch Th

  • A single woolen rope with two ends becomes two ropes with four ends, again it becomes two ends. A single knot is put to show total five knots on the same single rope. Colors Vary!

  • A soft rope becomes very hard and still like a rod. At your command, it becomes soft.

  • You show a very soft rope to your audience. By stroking the rope it becomes rigid and stands vertically with no support. With one more stroke of the rope it magically changes to a beautiful silk handkerchief. Our apparatus for this trick is much superior to some you may have seen before. You can also perform other effects whit the rope before you d

  • EFFECT: A piece of rope detects the selected card by tying itself around it. Includes rope gimmick and instruction sheet.

  • Limited quantity autographed by Gaetan Bloom. Dont miss out! Full Bloom By Gaetan Bloom A 2 volume set that takes a unique look into the fertile mind of Gaetan Bloom. These books have been years in the making had its worldwide release at 7pm on August 11, 2013 at MAGIC Live in Las Vegas, Nevada. Guaranteed to be a modern classic. Two hu

  • A piece of rope seems to defy gravity by standing up on end.. Then, in an instant, it changes into a silk handkerchief!

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