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  • The magician hands out two large dice and a box to the spectators for inspection. After that he puts the white die into his pocket, and the red die into the box. After a magical move he shows that the white die is back in the box! He then recloses the box and after another magical move the white die appears from his pocket! Everything can be examin

  • The mentalist lets a spectator examine a small cylinder closed on one side, its lid and a die, all of them being made of brass. This may also happen with the magicians back turned on the audience. The spectator chooses a number from the die and puts the die back in the cylinder with their chosen number faced up. Afterwards they close the cylinder w

  • The performer shows six dice. Each die has six faces of different colors and each colored face has a different two digit number on it. While the performer has his back turned, a spectator throws the dice on the table, and then randomly turns some of them over so that all of the colors on the faces are all different. When the performer turns around

  • A spectator holds an empty glass horizontally, one hand over the mouth the other over the bottom leaving no way in. A dollar bill is draped over the side of the glass and a large die balanced on top. You peel the bill away and the spectator actually sees the die drop into the glass. Martins handling is clean and easy. Die-Namic also includes Ken Al

  • Dots to Die 2.0 is modified with completely new secret. The modified version will enable you to perform the trick effortlessly. There are no magnets, no extra dots to attach or detach. The working principle will allow you to perform with confidence. The Actual Effect: A flat square with 1 dot at one side and 5 at another side, when turned changes t

  • "An Automatic Coin Production." 3 Bar Coasters, a Real Game Die and a Shot Glass NOTE: Use your own coin.

  • Feature Interview - Andi Gladwin: Josh Jay talks with Andi about switching careers, the ethics of stealing magic, and what makes him unique. Columns: Bill Wisch - Wisch on Slydini Bill shows us Slydinis "Mixed." Garrett Thomas - Try This! (at Home) Garrett discusses options and strategies for the "Classic Discrepancy." Christian Painter - Mindtripp

  • This Product was produced and designed by Tora Magic Company. First, you open up and show the Wooden Box with Handle to audience and show the Wooden Rubiks Cube Box as well. Then, close up the Wooden Boxes and then you will remove the Rubiks Cube and place it in the Wooden Box with Handle.. Now, even though you put the Rubiks Cube inside the Wooden

  • This Product was produced and designed by Tora Magic Company. First, you show a Black and White Die to audience and put it in a box. Then, get the Black and White Die out of the box but it has changed into a Red and White Die! Now, put the Red and White Die inside the box. This time it changes into a Multi-Color Die!! At this moment, you show the M

  • This is a useful item to force a number with. The set consists of 6 double-numbered dice, and one normal die. You can choose the number which you dont want to be picked by using these dice. For example: A spectator numbers six envelopes from one through six. One of the envelopes has a $100 bill, the rest have fake bills inside. You roll a die and t

  • The magician has the spectator examine two tubes and eight colorful, big dice (there are two of every color). The spectator puts the dice into a gift bag, and after shuffling them, they draw one die at a time from the bag - alternating with the magician - and place them into each tube. While doing this, nobody tells or shows what colored die they p

  • The dots on a big dies sides change, then the whole die vanishes! The vanished die turns up in the magicians pocket.

  • Tora Magic Company introduces another new amazing item! Firstly a large dice is shown on all sides. The dice is placed into a cube which is closed. The cube is then opened and in place of the dice is a crystal casket full of colored balls! The crystal casket which is full of balls is then placed back inside the cube and almost instantly changes to

  • This huge production will transform your stage act! Show an empty paper bag to the audience.. and immediately produce three colorful big dices from it. Show the paper bag empty and produce three more colorful dices..filling your performance table! The Tora Magic Company has designed the dice to be beautiful and easy to produce. The dice can easily

  • This item has been designed and produced in Tora Magic Company. And its an amazing item! The magician shows an empty Crystal Cube to the audience. Then instantly the crystal cube changes to a Rubik cube. Then the magician puts the Rubik cube in an empty box. And then the Rubik cube changes to a white dice. At the end of show; the magician can show

  • This production will transform your stage act! Show an empty paper bag to the audience.. and immediately produce three big dove cages from it. Show the paper bag empty and then produce three big dices. These brilliant big dices and cages, filling your performance table! The dices and dove cages can easily be used in other production routines, as th

  • A SMASHING EFFECT! Effect: You show a packet of seven cards, six of them have a number of a die on them (from 1 to 6) and the other card has a hand (the hand that throws the dice). You also leave on the table a small bag or an envelope with a prediction. A spectator selects a number (say 3) and you remove from the bag a die and you show the THREE s

  • Finally, there is an affordable set of normal looking force dice on the market! In the past one was lucky to find one of these dies, and even then one had to constantly force the same number. Now you can give your audience the illusion of choice! These 7 LUCKY DICE can be used for magic effects where a die is employed and could be used to increase

  • Thats where a gentleman from Texas named Ronnie Ramin comes in. He figured it out, he solved the problem, and its called Crooked. Ronnie keeps the best features of the Sack routine and then adds the ending that it has always needed. Unlike anything before it, with Crooked you finish by really moving the dots on a die to a new position (an odd posit

  • A tiny die is closed between two empty plates, amazingly it changes into a HUGE die! A close up miracle to always keep in your pocket!

  • A large die just over 4" in size is shown and at first impressions seems to be a regular six sided die. However the magician proceeds to show every single side from one to NINE. Thats right.. one to NINE and not one to six. How can this be when the die is clearly a cube with six sides? Based on a classic of magic but now brought up to date and appl

  • A complete set of gimmicked dice to force any number between 1 and 6. This is a tool and not just one effect in its self such as a thumb tip or coin shell. Great for many magic and mentalist effects. Comes with all 6 forcing dice, 1 regular matching die, dice steal holder and instructional DVD.

  • What you receive is a pair of dice and a deck of cards. The beauty of this effect id that it yields a different result each time. Effect: The magician presents a deck of cards and instructs the spectator to shuffle. After the deck is shuffled the spectator is instructed to roll the dice. Once the dice have rolled the spectator now turns the dice ov

  • Effect: The performer shows a paper bag to be completely empty. All the sides of the bag are displayed fairly and the audience is convinced that there could not be anything hidden in it. Yet six solid dice are produced from it! If the performer wished, he may show the bag empty at any time during the productions. The performer ends up clean with si

Showing 25 - 48 of 117 items