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  • Fire Kit is the future version of the famous effect "Fire from Hands". Fire kit not only produces a great flash of fire from your hands but also turns instantly into the object you want! Imagine grabbing fire with your hand and then turning it into a billiard ball for your stage act or a real cookie to eat at the moment or coins for your close up a

  • Ready for a fire effect that leaves a signal? With this microphone you are able to definitely attract attention and create a real funny situation when you begin to speak in public or when you ask the public present to take part in your performance. Easy to use, does not require spare parts or resets of any kind. Just goes loaded with flash cotton,

  • BRACCO presents a gimmick that will become indispensable in your performances on stage or close-up. You can whenever you like produce a fireball in a dazzling flash! This accessory is invisible to the public and can very discreetly disappear once the production of your choice is made. It is also possible to charge this Finger Flasher with air burst

  • BRACCO presents a gimmick that will become indispensable in your performances on stage or close-up. You can whenever you like produce a fireball in a dazzling flash! This accessory is invisible to the public and can very discreetly disappear once the production of your choice is made. It is also possible to charge this Finger Flasher with air burst

  • Ever thought about doing "Cigarette Through Coin"? This is THE version to perform. It has it all: visual, surprising, and utterly clean. The advent of flash paper and keys (as prongs) elevate this trick into a strange and wonderful performance piece. If you perform in bars or outdoor settings in which borrowing a cigarette is possible, you owe it t

  • Fire has long been used as a catalyst to trigger subsequent magic effects. However, heating up objects to produce effects is more like a scientific experiment, rather than pure magic. For this reason, Cigma Magic and Jeff Lee invented Blazzard, an innovative device, which allows the magicians to utilize heat without the audiences awareness as if th

  • Just imagine . . . you pick up any unprepared matchbook and unfold it. Now, with just the matchbook at your fingertips, you ask for silence as you stare intently. After a moment, without warning, the entire book of matches spontaneously self-combusts. Its Pyro kinesis! People are doubly shocked because they just touched the matches a moment before.

  • The Lucid Watch is a valuable tool that not only ignites flash paper, string, cotton, bills, etc. but is 100% under your control. If you use fire magic, TLW is highly recommended, as well as very easy to use and charges easily. USB charger is included.

  • From the creative mind of João Miranda arrives the most innovative and reliable sleeveless method for producing beautiful clouds of smoke from the magicians bare hands. No more wires, cables, special cloth requirements or big battery packs. Finally the magician can produce the smoke in one self-contained wristwatch, making the effect much stronger

  • Produce a flash of fire between your hands at any time! This unit contains a retractable flash unit on a durable steel cable reel with stainless steel casing clipped onto your belt under your jacket. Note that flash cotton and other flash products are used for this effect and supply of flash cotton is not included. For example, you may add flash po

  • Produced and Designed by Tora Magic Company An astonishing item! Can be used both in grim or funny programs. Open an ordinary text book, while reading a certain page, suddenly, the book is on fire with huge flames on end. The trick can be done repeatedly. Close the book to put it out. You may claim that the fire is due to the fact that the writing

  • *This is a retaught version of the original SSS. All the gimmicks are the same as in the original SSS. "That is the only use of smoke Ive seen in a magic trick that was sincerely beautiful." - Penn Jillette S.S.S (Sleeveless Silent Smoke) is Shin Lims signature effect that he uses in his 2 time FISM winning act and his TV appearance in Pen and Tell

  • Cloud 9, produced and created by Cigma, is an innovative special effects smoke device with a delicate design operating system with a cutting-edge method. This compact smoke device allows you to add smoke easily into any of your current close up, parlor, or stage shows. The smoke is emitted from the "barrel" of Cloud 9. This patented design is machi

  • A book and its pages are displayed to the audience and shown to be completely normal. Suddenly the book bursts into flames. The flames vanish in an instant and a dove cage (complete with latex dove) appears from within the pages of the book!

  • "I keep an eye on these TWINS.. And you should do the same!" David Stone. Les French TWINS present: THE MOST VISUAL BURNT SIGNED CARD EVER! BLAZE: Create an amazing souvenir with the spectators signed card. The spectator chooses a card, signs it and he ignites the box. The box is completely burnt.. But no card is burnt except the SIGNED card! MONOG

  • Produce a spark when you wave your magic wand! This is all self-contained in a plastic magic wand installed with a super bright white LED light, with press switch operation and powered by a built in rechargeable lithium ion battery to produce that powerful flash. Looks magical, fun to play with and kids will believe you have real magic power.

  • This is an unbelievable item designed and produced by Tora Magic Company Place the head of your assistant inside the box which just you showed it empty to the audiences. Then show her face inside of cube. Place the cube on her head and burn the torches. Real flames of fire come out. Then pass the torches through her head. Then bring out the torches

  • PERMANENTLY WATERMARK A BORROWED BILL! A spectator is asked to select a card and to memorize it. Next, you borrow a bill from your spectator and with a lighter you start to heat up their bill..slowly a watermark seems to materialize in the fibers of the actual watermark of the suite and number from their chosen card is slowly and magicall


  • Phoenix Ashes revives and improves the "Ashes on Arm" trick with a scorching new method and presentation. The old "reveal a selected card with ashes" is a wonderful classic, yet the revelation of the card has always been handwritten. Phoenix Ashes allows you to reveal the burned card on your arm in a clean, crisp way that resembled a newly linked t

  • The Teleportation Device by Pop Haydn is one of the most thrilling and baffling routines for the Bill to Impossible Location ever devised! It is also very funny, and can lend itself to many performing styles and themes. A borrowed bill with the serial number noted and a corner torn is sent from the antennae of a strange device (amidst flashing ligh

  • REFILL for Eruption You will receive a single canister of the refill powder for Eruption.

  • CigaPen by Jesse Feinberg A Visual Transformation of a Cigarette into a Pen CIGAPEN - is the ultimate pocket trick to carry around with you so you can do magic anytime, anywhere, and for anyone. It is a visual transformation of a cigarette into a standard pen. Brought to you for the first time on DVD, magician extraordinaire Jesse Feinberg introduc

  • Flash Gun 2 by Nicolas LePage BANG! Nicolas LePages Hottest New Product FLASH GUN 2 arrests your audiences attention with astonishing flair. Imagine giving your hand gun a new modern kick with Flash Gun 2. Those sounds you made as a kid playing cops and robbers are a thing of the past. Explosive realistic BANG! sounds with fire flashes coming right

Showing 1 - 24 of 142 items