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  • We asked our neighbors to the North to perform a few tricks for our cameras. Even after three and half hours of nonstop magic, they still had more up their sleeves. Weve divided the material into two spectacular videos. Were else can you see the most brilliant minds and deft performances of seven outstanding Canadian magicians? You can now in the c

  • Heres new high-powered material from some top performers in our library. Now enjoy two hours of your favorite magicians doing what they do best in these special encore performances. Juan Tamariz - Total Coincidence, Book Test Brother John Hamman - Skipping Kerns, Jacks Come Back, Pinochle, Invisible Card Trick, Poker Palm Shift Mike Rogers

  • From his monumental book Mind, Myth & Magick, at more than 800 pages, its the largest book on mentalism ever published. From this video you will learn..How to reveal any spectators zodiac sign (no carbons, no writing). How to predict the total of two numbers called aloud and verified. How to discern a spectators question (three methods.) Severa

  • The Magic of Vanni Bossi It there were a list of creative artists in our world of magic, Vanni Bossi would be on that list, and probably up towards the top! Another famous magician from the country of Italy! A thinker. A creator. A performer. This Italian is truly an artist as you will see on the DVD. You will enjoy the effects that he

  • The Greater Magic Video Library Volume 38 - Brother John Hamman by Twin Cities Magic "Brother John Hamman leads you down the garden path to the exact spot where he wants you and then, he turns on the sprinkler." -Paul LePaul As master of the OHenry story, Brother John baffles laypeople and magicians with fresh plots and clever methods. To even the

  • The Greater Magic Video Library Volume 41 - Juan Tamariz by Twin Cities Magic Now available for the first time on dvd to American audiences-90 minutes with Juan Tamariz. As star of his own TV show in Spain, Juan is loved around the world for his zany personality and unbelievable miracles. But American audiences could only see him on TV or at conven

  • The Greater Magic Video Library Volume 43 - Dr. Hiroshi Sawa by Twin Cities Magic Now you can enjoy Japans prolific magician without leaving your home. Dr. Sawa follows the distinguished tradition of Tenkai and Shigeo Takagi but adds a modern-day twist to his presentations. his delightful magic has earned him a reputation around the world as a grea

  • The Greater Magic Video Library Volume 33 - Paul Daniels by Twin Cities Magic Ive seen Paul Daniels captivate an audience just by reading birthday wishes on stage. Thats because the audience cares about Paul Daniels." -David Copperfield Anyone can do a trick. But Paul Daniels entertains. No one matches his versatility and repertoire. Hes known thro

  • The Greater Magic Video Library Volume 12 - Roger Klause by Twin Cities Magic "Im happy to share MY BEST professional routines with my friends in magic." Roger Klause What Erdnase was to cards..Klause is to close-up magic. And this second volume of Rogers work brilliantly proves that point. Enjoy an outpouring of talent and a tribute to simple and

  • The Greater Magic Video Library Volume 32 - Mike Rogers by Twin Cities Magic "I hope this tape helps trade show performers please: the person in the aisle, the person who doess the hiring, and that persons boss." - Mike Rogers And youll be please to learn how to turn magic into money. As a leader in the industry. Mike shows you how to draw a crowd,

  • The Greater Magic Video Library Volume 32 - Our Best Vol.3 by Twin Cities Magic The third times still a charm. The fine tradition of Our Best #1 and #2 continues. Youll enjoy six dynamic effects performed and explained by magics finest entertainers. This material cant be seen anywhere else. Video magic still doesnt get any better than Our Best. Mor

  • The Greater Magic Video Library Volume 39 - Bill Boley by Twin Cities Magic "It took me years to learn these ventriloquism secrets. I only wish I had this video when I got started." - Bill Boley Discover the pleasure of one of magics most popular allied arts. In more than 90 minutes, highly acclaimed magician and ventriloquist Bill Boley makes lear

  • The fifth volume of the Greater Magic Video Library Teach-In Series encompasses coin artists from around the world. Some of the finest coin routines from the library, plus some new material as well, will give the coin aficionado a smorgasbord of wonderful coin magic effects. Fourteen different effects by thirteen magical performers are certain to p

  • Enjoy 105 minutes of magic and mirth. Weve dared to bring you three popular performers on the cutting edge of comedy magic. Theyll amaze, amuse, and share insight on how to be a success in the field. Part I - Performance Segment Fielding West , Michael Finney, and Mark Kornhauser treat you to their puns, prestidigitation, satire, and sleight of

  • Greater Magic Volume 7 - Daryl "I could have done this years ago, but Im glad I waited to work with a top-rated team in the finest production possible." - Daryl Enjoy a firsthand look at dazzling magic known to impress both amateurs and professionals. These close-up miracles have been an around-the-world ticket to winning some of magics most covete

  • Greater Magic Volume 6 - Michael Ammar "Out of all my videos, this one combines my best variety of magic." - Michael Ammar The art of close-up magic soars to new heights with this conjurers repertoire. Recognized as one of the professions most inventive and energetic performers, Michael has captured some of magics highest honors, including FISM and

  • Greater Magic Volume 29 - Charlie Miller and Johnny Thompson Imagine a fun-filled hour spent with two legendary magicians. Time passes quickly as they demonstrate new inventions, recreate time-honored classics and share stories which have shaped magics history Contents: Part I - International Cups and Balls Charlie Miller Cups and Balls Routines

  • Greater Magic Volume 16 - Larry Becker "If this disc can help prove that mentalism can be fast and entertaining, as well as baffling. Ill consider the effor well worth it." - Larry Becker Imagine colorful mentalism that moves at a steady pace-and youve met the style of Larry Becker. Forget about detailed sleights..Larry concentrates on simple yet m

  • Greater Magic Volume 14 - Johnny Paul "I hope you enjoy doing these effects as much as Ive enjoyed doing them during my magic life." - Johnny Paul Heres a man who has known the secret of magic for some time. Its entertainment. And for him, mixing amusement with magic comes naturally. In fact, mastering magic looks easy for Johnny. From performing t

  • Greater Magic Volume 15 - Johnny Paul "I hope you enjoy doing these effects as much as Ive enjoyed doing them during my magic life." - Johnny Paul Think of the best in magic and this man comes to mind. Groomed in Chicago as Americas first bar magician, Johnny quickly rose to the top of his field. His years performing at the Showboat Hotel have prov

  • Greater Magic Volume 17 - Charlie Miller "Its indeed a pleasure to be able to instruct the serious student of magic through this wonderful new medium." - Charlie Miller His trademark is a simple repetition of his name. Charlie Miller.. Charlie Miller.. Charlie Miller. But those two words conjure an image of a man whos far from simple. Hes known for

  • Mentalism Teach-In by Greater Magic The fourteenth in the series that is repected as the most professional Teach-Ins in the art of magic. in this dvd you will recieve lessons in mentalism from magicians such as T.A. Waters, Larry Becker, Finn Jon, Colobini, and Joe Stevens.

  • Greater Magic Volume 13 - Our Best #1 Magic just doesnt get any better! And when you watch this DVD youll see why. A favorite trick and explanation from five of our video artists. These effects that are performed and explained will only be found on this volume. Produced when the artist made his volume of the "Greater Magic Video Library", this mate

  • Greater Magic Volume 34 - Impromptu Vol.2 Back by popular demand. The first volume was met with accolades, so were bringing you 11 more effect never before released on video. Ideal for any skill level. Now the request "show me a trick," wont strike fear into your heart. After learning these tricks, youll perform miracles wherever you go. Impromptu

Showing 1 - 24 of 60 items