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  • Transform a Dollar Bill into a Credit Card in a blink of an eye! Running Time: Approximately 5min

  • A credit card is borrowed from a spectator as you explain about fraud and credit cards. You then literally PEEL the magnetic swipe up from the spectators card revealing the plastic underneath, explaining that all the spectators information is contained on the swipe. You then seal the swipe back down and return the card unharmed. A great gag for SHO

  • Multiple effect are possible with this gimmick. A borrowed bank note is folded and placed inside the clear case with the credit card. The spectator locks the case, and keeps the key. All is covered with a silk. Petrick says that he is going to make the credit card disappear from the locked case. He then removes the silk, and the audience can see th

  • Magicians are always looking for new and unique ways to entertain their audiences. SurPrice gives you the power to do just that. This is one of the most powerful and clever tools you will carry with you AT ALL TIMES! Surprice is a very clever gimmick that allows you to reveal names of cards, ESP symbols, etc. Surprice easily attaches to any credit

  • Predict The Order That Three Credit Cards Are Selected. A special designed leather wallet makes it possible for you to predict in which order three different credit cards are selected. You ALSO predict in which pocket either card has been put in. You can do this blindfolded.

  • From the mind of Menny Lindenfeld, who brought you best-selling Hollow and Hollow 2, comes a new highly visual portable-hole effect that will fool even the keenest of spectators. Effect: Show your credit card, with a hole punched through its magnetic stripe. Suddenly grab the hole with your fingertips and PHYSICALLY SLIDE THE HOLE out of the way, n

  • Imagine a flashy, quick-hitting trick that is always in your wallet, always ready to go, never needs a reset, and uses a unique gimmick to create the impression of advanced sleight of hand.. Thats Restored Credit. Restored Credit is a broken-and-restored credit card routine. It was explained in Approaching Magic and it is now realized with beautifu

  • After the great success of the first version, now George Iglesias brings us his newest version! Dollar to Credit Card 2.0 have been filmed entirely on Full HD with a lot of new features: You will learn amazing new handlings and switches for this trick, including contributions to this effect by Gregory Wilson and Daniel Garcia. Effect: Transform a d

  • Psychics Credit Card by Menny Lindenfeld A Credit Card for the Real Psychic An amazing concept from the mind of Menny Lindenfeld: a credit card for the real psychic! Theyll swear youre PSYCHIC! Suggest a bet: let a spectator hide a banknote in one of a few UNMARKED envelopes. If you perform in a pub or restaurant, let him hide it under beer coaster

  • Credit Card Decoder by Elian Agaian and Yuval Keren Yuval Keren and Elian Agaians Credit Card Decoder is one of the most amazing predictions you will ever see! Effect Invite a spectator onstage and ask her to take out a credit card and place it inside an envelope such that you cannot see the cards numbers. The spectator seals the envelope a

  • TelekinetiCredit Effect You can borrow a burning cigarette or chewing gum from somebody. You show both sides of your credit card! You lay the cigarette or chewing gum on the credit card. You begin concentrating and moving your hand in a magic way. The cigarette starts standing up very slowly till the angle of 90 degrees. It moves as for your comman

  • The magician rubs a credit card held in his palm with another credit card held in his other hand, the card begins to mysteriously rise up inches from his palm! The magician slides the other credit card all around the floating card, showing no threads or wires. No magnets or threads used. Comes complete.

  • For those of you hungry for original magic, with just a pinch of INSANITY, dinner is now served! Start by displaying both sides of your credit card, then go crazy - literally BITE THE CORNER OFF your credit card! Show em the bite mark and chew a bit, you dont wanna choke yourself. But plastic tastes awful, doesnt it? Its bad for your health too, a

  • This effect, if carried out correctly, will shake anyones confidence in their logic as well as in their memory! Flash-out your credit card, and your video membership card(V.M.) Display them both overtly, front and back and then neatly withdraw the credit card and place it behind your back. Meanwhile stretch the hand holding the V.M. card facedown t

  • Next time you check into a hotel, heres a little prank you can try on the desk clerk. When he asks you for your credit card as insurance, ask him to feel the serial number on the card with his forefinger and then without warning him, just wipe the numbers off by rubbing your finger over them. If he doesnt fall out of his chair, it is because, hell

  • The perfect ice-breaker! After this, youll have them eating out of your hand! Picture yourselves a scene; a beautiful unapproachable supermarket cashier is staring at you with a bewildered face, as you channel waves of mental energy into your credit card causing it to slowly bend and unbend to your accord - simply by gazing at it. All around you,

  • Were you ever in a situation where you wanted to impress a sweet waitress in a pub, but every time she approached, you forgot your lines and your tongue got all dry? Here is the perfect solution: When she comes over with the bill, present your credit card and point out to her the card derails: the number at the bottom, the date, the different logos

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