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  • Insta-Snow Powder is the original fake snow polymer that turns ordinary water into a white fluffy substance that looks like real snow in seconds. You may never know when snow is about to fall, but with Insta-Snow┬« Powder from Steve Spangler Science, you can have the next best thing. Dont settle for imitation snow that results in a slushy mess, get

  • An handkerchief is shown on both sides and the corners are gathered to form a bag. A silk or other object is dropped inside. When the corners are released the item has vanished! The corners are regathered and a DIFFERENT item is retrieved from the hanky! Any combination of productions, vanishes, or switches may be employed as you wish. FABRIC MAY V

  • The classic Gag Bag is continually turned inside out, ever changing the "print" of the fabric. Finally a surprise load is produced. This one is in Christmas themed fabric.

  • A plain simple outline of a lonely evergreen tree is instantly transformed into a beautiful Christmas tree being decorated by a happy boy and girl in their cozy family room!

  • EFFECT "Have you ever noticed that there is a Christmas card hidden in a deck?" Says the performer and picks up a card. The card has an illustration of a Christmas wreath on its front. Then the performer starts to list random things which reminds us of Christmas. When he comes to the end of the list he says "a Christmas cake", and you find a Christ

  • This high-quality silk is perfect for all kinds of magic routines. From stage performances to close-up illusions, this elegant 100% silk with a graphic of a Santa is an essential part of your next holiday act! Dimensions Approximately 18" (45.72cm)

  • A Look Never Seen Before...! Yes, have you ever seen a bald Santa? Well! You and your audience must have never seen a bald Santa. Effect : Santa feels as if he has lost his hat, he is unaware that his hat is with the magician. In the poster Santa is Bald with no hat but, magician shows his kindness and gives Santas hat in a magical way. Possibility

  • Effect: Santa has been having trouble getting down the Chimney in one piece. His body gets all mixed up and eventually winds up back to normal. Includes 1 wooden tube decorated to look like a chimney, 4 wooden blocks with Santa Claus on them, instruction sheet.

  • Effect: An colorful black and white Santa Claus is perched on the top of snow covered chimney. He is carrying nothing on his back. Suddenly, not only does he take on color, but a sack full of toys appears on his back.

  • Effect: A black and white snowman suddenly turns into Frosty the Snowman with his Top Hat, Corncob Pipe, Candy Cane, Red Button Nose, Blue Stripped Scarf, and his Red Boots!

  • Mouth Coil 46 ft (rd/grn, rwb, blue/gold, halloween) by David Cresey Effect These are the most popular Cresey mouth coils. The bright colors show up great even from a distance. Sample 4 different color combinations - Red & Green, Blue & Gold, Black & Orange (Halloween), and Red/White/Blue (Patriotic). Each coil is 46 feet long and has b

  • Professional Performers Snow Storm by Andy Amyx Andy Amyx finally releases his professional routine on the classic Snow Storm in China effect. Routine comes complete with Andys handling, snow storm packs, and professionally hand made metal fan with a mylar cover. Guaranteed to last a long long time! Dimension Approximately 13 1/2" x 26" (cm x cm)

  • Professional quality beginner magic & instruction! Instant-pro kit includes: The egg bag (with wooden egg) Six card repeat Professors nightmare Wand through body Top secret Vanisher Diminishing cards Gamblers box Hydrostatic glass Color vision Obedient ball The vanishing coin Magic wand

  • Magic and instruction from some of the industrys top professional magicians. This kit has everything you will need to get started in street magic the right way. Such as: Watch stealing (for entertainment) DVD Self levitation DVD Hummer card Floating bill Vanishing gimmick Vanishing gimmick book Invisible deck (bicycle) Chinese Money Mystery Super E

  • A wooden butterfly is seen sitting in an attractive wooden stand. Two yellow colored silks are passed through each side of the wings of the butterfly. A third red silk is placed into the magicians hand. When the magicians hand is opened, the red silk is found to have vanished! The magician pulls one of the yellow silks through the wing of the butte

  • "The Best of Sparks, hand held or foot launch Cannons." Magically Appear a Complete Snowstorm .. as a finale, a Cloud of Smoke .. to appear a prop from(non toxic), a 12 inch Silk .. falling from the sky. As a Finale or at any time in your Act. Up to 8 launches from one 12 gram non threaded co2 cartridge. The inexpensive cartridge is available at mo

  • Effect: The magician introduces a photo with a snowman and he places it between the spectators hands. The magician quickly rubs his hands to create heat and immediately place both of his hands above and below the spectators hands. The magician repeats these steps for a couple of times and when the spectator turns over the photo, the snowman has mel

  • Effect: The magician introduces a photo with a Christmas tree, but it seems to be missing some decorations lights. After placing the photo in the spectators hand, the magician reaches in the air and grabs a colorful light between his fingertips. The light is then thrown towards the photo and it disappears. The magician grabs another colorful light

  • Effect: The magician introduces a photo with Santa Clause holding a candy cane, and he asks the spectator to cup her hands together. After a squeeze with the photo, the candy can comes out of the photo and drops into the spectators cupped hand. And the photo is then given to the spectator to keep as a souvenir. Includes 18 "Santa Clause" photos, pl

  • One of the most beautiful silks we have ever seen - great artwork and vibrant colours! Heres a really simple but fun routine using the Christmas silk: Youll need a production device of some sort: a Change Bag, a production box, a Gung Ho Box - anything which can be shown empty and then allow a silk to be produced. All set? "Santa got in touch with

  • These silks are manufactured for various different types of magic shows. An imaginative magician will find new was to incorporate these into his shows. This Merry Christmas silk is a more specialized occasions.

  • 60 refill cards for Jesus is Risen.

  • Ask a friend "What do you think is the most quoted Bible Scripture?" Most will say John 3:16. Show the stack Cards with the words "Jesus Died For US" and the cross with Jesus on the cross on the top card. Read John 3:16 and then have them marked through the words "the world" and have them write their name instead. Lets say their name is Matt. "For

  • Effect: A black and white photo or a reindeer suddenly turns into Roudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer.

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