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  • These original 1916 brochures were purchased from a collector in New England after attending a New England Magic Collectors gathering in the late 80s. The brochure reproduces some of the well known and highly collectable Karmi lithographed posters.

  • GENII THE CONJURORS MAGAZINE VOLUME 79 NUMBER 9 SEPTEMBER 2016 FEATURES The Book on Buchinger: Ricky Jays Eccentric Quest for "The Little Man of Nuremberg" by Carl Mecurio Excerpt Matthias Buchinger: "The Greatest German Living" The Magic Path to the Way of the Journey by Rafael Pablo Blink and Youll Miss It by Richard Wiseman Genesis: The Patrick

  • Big News! Announcing the long-awaited brand new book from Silly Billy. Its called Super Sized Silly. Thats because it weighs in at an impressive 400 pages! It contains 75 lessons to make you a better kid show magician, plus 150 routines by 100 different magicians. With 150 routines, you can create 10 completely different one hour shows. Ten new sho

  • What makes magic so much fun to watch? Is it the compelling story, the sense of wonder it creates, or perhaps even the beautiful ballet of cards that the magician brings to life? To be honest, all of these things are correct. Magic is an art form and like any art form it depends on what kinds of emotions it evokes from its viewers. The ability to m

  • These are the notes taken by Chris Randall during his latest world tour. The contents of this booklet include: Floating Card and Coin The Rings Balls from the Mouth Lites and Balls Heavens Aces Deck Switch Mouth Change Card Under Drink Remix Napkin Rose Magic Ropes The Lemon Trick Misers Dream Ideas Chris Randall touches on the topics that he feels

  • The late David Alexander performed all over the world as a Stage Pickpocket, Magician and Mentalist. The protégé of famed Spanish Magician José Frakson, Davids personality, skills and knowledge made him a popular and successful society entertainer in the Los Angeles area. There he performed for everyone from the stars of the Golden Age of films suc

  • Written by the late Roger Omanson, Out of My Hat contains some of the magic that has made David Garrard popular with audiences throughout the United States for almost 50 years and garnered him appearances at several major magic conventions. Out of My Hat includes close-up magic as well as stage effects, childrens routines and illusion tips and idea

  • GENII THE CONJURORS MAGAZINE VOLUME 79 NUMBER 10 October 2016 FEATURES 25 Years of The Magic & Mystery School: Unveiling the Mysteries by Lawrence Hass, Ph.D. Cody Clark: A Different Way of Thinking by Dustin Stinett COLUMNS Genii Speaks by Richard Kaufman The Eye by Todd Karr Now Performing On the Slant by Jon Racherbaumer The Chamber of Secr

  • This book will help you make the most of the marketing phenomena that is not only Halloween, but the entire Halloween season. * Over two hundred pages * Color section * Profusely illustrated

  • From the author of the best-selling "Pack Flat Illusions for Kids & Family Shows" comes a sequel jam-packed with even more new and amazing large-scale stage effects for the modern kids and family show magician. The book features a collection of ten original stage routines and illusions that pack flat and play big. Just as importantly, the illus

  • Book more shows that pay more! One of the biggest challenges that creative artists face is fully tapping the commercial potential of their skills and expertise. Maximizing earnings is often elusive for many performing artists and entertainers, regardless of the level of the act. Have you ever felt: You should be charging more for your shows but eit

  • Mark Chandaues Harpacrown Standard Edition contains 260 beautifully illustrated pages of solid, practical material from the mind of Mark Chandaue. In this book you will learn many workable routines but more importantly you will learn the thinking behind every element of the routine. The effects are used to illustrate deeper principles that will ass

  • Mark Chandaues Harpacrown Deluxe Collectors Edition is a beautifully bound premium book lovingly created to look good on any shelf and last a lifetime. It contains 322 pages which includes everything in the Standard Edition and six bonus chapters including contributions from: Mark Elsdon John Carey Michael Murray Myke Phillips The effects and essay

  • Vibrations is Luke Jermays radical approach to what Annemann called "one of the greatest one-man psychic effects ever conceived" that will forever change the way in which you think about this now rarely performed classic. Introducing Jermays Sensational Psychometry technique that will allow you to provide insanely detailed readings, including speci

  • Cartomancy is Jermays fiercely original solution to answering unwritten questions audience members simply think about. "I just finished reading Cartomancy.. its brilliant. The construction, the script, the thoughts hidden behind, the principles youve assembled.. a lot of food for thought. Again: thank you!" - Julien Losa Armed with the cutting edge

  • The Ultimate Ten-Card Poker Deal is for the serious performing magician who wants a professional gambling-themed routine. This is a featured showpiece that has been thoroughly audience-tested and is used as a closer in one of David Maleks shows, a spot he reserves for only the strongest material. Effect: A game of Poker using only ten cards is pla

  • Make coins vanish and reappear, make handkerchiefs change color, and make friends, family, and other audiences gasp with delight at your dazzling sleight-of-hand tricks. You can learn the secrets behind dozens of classic maneuvers from Alfred C. Gilbert, a manufacturer of magic kits. The renowned toymaker shared his conjuring secrets in Gilbert Coi

  • Artful Mindfulness (Art and Artists Secrets) is a timely book for a world over-run with technology. Mindfulness, taught at universities worldwide, including Oxford University (England), seeks to remind and train people to never forget the most human feeling components in life. Sherlock Holmes famously stated, "You see, but do not observe." Like Hol

  • Ten years ago the first edition of the pocket size Expert at the Card Table was released. It has been sold out for years and Conjuring Arts has created an updated and improved version. Features: - Its bound in a luxurious, chestnut brown, supple faux-leather that looks and feels real! - More flexible - this version is more pliable and wont easily g

  • A quarter century after his death in 1992, the story of McDonald Birch, the Master Magician has been written. Working from extensive research gathered by the late Charles McCall, Tom Ewing now tells the story of Mack and Mabel Birch and their life of magic, triumphs and great success. * Hardcover with dust jacket * 278 pages * Color Throughout * Hu

  • GENII THE CONJURORS MAGAZINE VOLUME 79 NUMBER 11 November 2016 FEATURES A University for the Art of Amusement by Dr. Will Houstoun Tenyo 2016 by Richard Kaufman The Magic Play by Dustin Stinett COLUMNS Genii Speaks by Richard Kaufman Now Performing The Eye by Todd Karr On the Slant by Jon Racherbaumer The Chamber of SecretsThe Antique Card Rise by

  • The Ultimate Kabuki Drop Resource is a must-have for any theater or stage practitioner looking to add a strong piece of stagecraft to their shows or performances. This book is the definitive reference on the "Kabuki Drop". A Kabuki Drop is a stagecraft technique and a release system that drops an open suspended curtain to the floor for a dramatic r

  • Intimum Sacrarium is a private and exclusive release which contains Andreus latest impromptu mentalism creations. Most of this material can be performed in AAA (anytime, anywhere, for anyone) conditions as it has been designed with the "impromptu" premise in mind - from minimal to zero preparation whatsoever. For some of the effects, setup may be r

  • Intimum Sacrarium is a private and exclusive release which contains Andreus latest impromptu mentalism creations. Most of this material can be performed in AAA (anytime, anywhere, for anyone) conditions as it has been designed with the "impromptu" premise in mind - from minimal to zero preparation whatsoever. For some of the effects, setup may be r

Showing 1 - 24 of 1794 items